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Griot's Garage NEW BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher

Understanding Ceramic Spray Detailers – Long-Lasting Gloss and Protection!

Ceramic spray detailers make it possible for any vehicle owner to get gloss and protection that lasts for multiple months.

In this video, we examine ceramic spray detailers and their promise of "fast shine, long-lasting protection".

CarPro New Product Release 2023

CarPro New Product Release 2023

In this video, we'll be taking a look at the new ceramic coating and six other products that will be released in 2023. This ceramic coating is a breakthrough in car care and will revolutionize the way car enthusiasts care for their cars.

Porsche Cayenne MEGA Detail

Watch this 2011 Porsche Cayenne S with 200,000km go through a massive Restorative Detail and transform into a GEM!

Rupes Polishing System Video Tutorial How-To Training

What You DIDN'T Know About Rupes, That You Should Know!

In this how-to tutorial video, RUPES Technical Advisors share why RUPES Polishers and the RUPES Polishing System were designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of detailers

Griot's Garage Cordless Foamer & Sprayer Video

NEW Griot's Garage Cordless Foamer & Sprayer

Griot's Garage has just released an all new cordless foamer & sprayer. This is quite different from the conventional pressurized sprayers that we have seen before.

MEGA Detail - Before and After Massive 40hr Restorative Detailing!

Watch as this dirty daily-driven BMW M3 Coupe receives a full wash and mega detail in the Auto Obsessed Detailing Studio. From start to finish, this video is a journey into the heart of detailing.

Griot's Garage Cordless Hybrid Mini Polisher

NEW Griot's Garage BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher

Full review and everything you need to know about Griot's Garage first cordless polisher.

Griot's Garage 3-in-1 Wheel-Tire-Mat Cleaner

Griot's Garage 3-in-1 Wheel-Tire-Mat Cleaner

Watch the video to see a demonstration on how to use the NEW Griot's Garage 3-in1 Wheel-Tire-Mat product on rims, tires, and dirty floor mats.

Rupes HLR75 Mini iBrid Cordless Polisher

Rupes HLR75 Mini iBrid Cordless Polisher

The new RUPES HLR75 3" Mini iBrid Polisher – reviews, specs, and why this mini polisher works so well with auto detailing polishing and paint correction.

New Vehicle Prep - 1974 Ford Bronco

This vehicle was delivered right to our door after it spent some time at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to protect and preserve.

CarPro DQuartz Ceramic Coating

All NEW CarPro DQuartz Nano Diamond Ceramic Coating

Everything you need to know about CarPro's all NEW DQuartz Ceramic Coating

1968 Camaro RestoMod 540ci 871 Blower

1968 Camaro - 540ci Blown - Show Prep Detail

Nothing looks' better than a shiny Black Car and then add one of the most impressive engines we have ever seen, equals EPIC!

CarPro Darkside Tire Sealant Video

NEW CarPro DarkSide Tire Sealant

We show you how to use it, what it looks like and also compare this new Tire Sealant with the other CarPro Tire Shines

CarPro Release Quick Detailer

NEW CarPro Release

What is CarPro Release, In the video we tell you what is it for and how you use it.

IK Multi TR Mini 360 Sprayer Video

IK Multi TR Mini 360 Sprayer

Just released from IK Sprayer a 360 degree sprayer for car detailing and PPF installations

Flex FS 140 Flexible Shaft Accessory for Flex PXE 80 Cordless Polisher

Flex FS 140 Flexible Shaft Accessory

Just released from Flex Tool a Flexible Shaft accessory that connects to the Flex PXE 80 for hard to reach areas.

Flex 3401 Red Beast Inside Limited Edition Polisher

100th Anniversary Flex 3401 Polisher

Rare only 1000 units made for the 100th Anniversary of Flex Tools. Check out this video to see why they call it "Red Beast Inside".

The Rag Company Interview SEMA 2022

The Rag Company interview with Levi at the SEMA in Las Vegas 2022, we talk about new products, new packaging and what is new with The Rag Company in this video

MetroVac New Products 2022

MetroVac Interview New Products SEMA 2022

David from MetroVac shows off two new exciting MetroVac products, MetroVac Vac Pak and MetroVac Super Vac n Blo

Griot's Garage New Products SEMA 2022

Nick Griot talks about the 8 NEW Products that will be released in 2022 / 2023 in this video.

Products, Cordless Mini Polisher and more!

Rupes New Products and interview SEMA 2022

Todd shows us the all NEW Rupes HLR75 Cordless Polisher and other new products coming from Rupes.

Polishing Pads, Products and More.

Wheel Woolies Interview - Braun Brush SEMA 2022

Interview with Braun Brush. We talk about how the brushes are made and the story behind the Snow Brush which Auto Obsessed helped make happen.

Horsepower 4 Hope - 2022

Auto Obsessed does autocross with Horsepower 4 Hope to raise money for the Kids With Cancer Society. Many special cars were brought to this event, including a 1-in-63 Lamborhini Sián.

Racing For A Cure - 2022

Auto Obsessed races with $30+ million worth of super cars and helicopters for a Kids' Hospital charity event called Racing For A Cure!

Ride along with us and see cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Maserati, Audi, BMW, and more.

Massive Detail – 9-Year Refresh BMW M3 E92 Coupe

See this 2008 BMW M3 Coupe with 183,000kms go through an extensive restorative car detailing service and transform into the spectacular sports car it originally was.

The Ultimate Garage – Auto Obsessed Detailing Studio Garage Tour

The Auto Obsessed detailing facility just turned 10 years old. In this video, we do an in-depth tour of our facility to show where we transform customer vehicles with our 'auto obsessed' treatment.

New Car Detailing – What You Should Know

New Car deliveries are not always what you would expect. In this video we talk about why New Car Detailing is so important, what you can expect the new vehicle to look like, and what we recommend to prepare and protect your new car investment.

5 Steps to Remove Orange Spots on Paint with Iron Contamination Removal

How to remove small orange and brown rust spots from your car and truck paint clear coat? They won't wash away with shampoo.

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