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About Auto Obsessed

Auto Obsessed has been serving clients in Canada and the United States since 2010.


We want to help detailers get the best results. 

Auto Obsessed™ works to give drivers, car enthusiasts, and professional detailers the tools, supplies, and knowledge necessary to give their vehicles a beautiful detail. We care about cars and we're interested in what works best. We are, literally, "auto obsessed".

The obsession started long ago with young Troy working with his father Ron on his classic, award winning Chevrolet show cars. Caring for his own cars, Troy found that it was difficult to find quality detailing products that gave him the result he needed.

Knowing that there must be other people in Canada with this same frustration, he founded Auto Obsessed to specialize in providing Premium Automotive Detailing Products to car-loving customers who are also detail obsessed.


We want you to have the car care products you need with minimum delay. The Auto Obsessed warehouse stocks over 2,000 different car care products from more than 80 manufacturers.

Availability is a very important focus in our business. We work hard on keeping everything we sell in stock and available to our detailing customers. Auto Obsessed only invests in the premium products that professional detailers use, and we work hard to offer those products at the best possible price.


Car owners now have the option to give their car a professional detail at the Auto Obsessed Detailing Studio in Edmonton, Alberta. Choose from detailing options like wash, decontamination, paint correction, interior, leather, glass, engine bay, convertible tops, wax, seal, ceramic coatings, and  paint protection film. Auto Obsessed's trained detailing staff is available to examine any vehicle and give you a free estimate on the best detailing process for you.


To the auto-obsessed customer who wants to keep their car looking off-the-lot brand new, Auto Obsessed is the source for the premium automotive detailing products, equipment and supplies. At Auto Obsessed we don’t just sell the products, we use the products!

We want to help you get the best detailing results. Use Auto Obsessed's Product Specialists for detailing product advice and supplies!

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