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New Product – IK Foam Pro 2+ Sprayer for 2022

New this week: IK Sprayer released the all-new IK Foam Pro 2+ pressurized sprayer.

In this video, we review why pressurized sprayers are useful for detailing, the new features of the IK Sprayer Foam Pro 2+, how it use it, and how to get the best benefits from the sprayer in your detailing work.

See the products mentioned in this video:

  1. IK Foam Pro 2 + Sprayer
  2. IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer
  3. IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer
  4. IK Foam Pro 2 Sprayer
  5. IK HC TR 1 1l
  6. IK MULTI TR 1 1L

See the full Product Review on the IK Foam Pro 2+

Product Review

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