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VIDEO - All New IK Foam Pro 2+ Sprayer

See the Latest Release from IK Sprayer - The IK Foam Pro 2+ Sprayer.  We go over the features and beneifts and also show this new sprayer in action.  Watch the Video Below for all the Details.

NEW - IK Foam Pro 2+


• Compatible with products from 0-10pH

• Can be charged by pumping or air compressor

• 3 types of foam, dry, medium, wet for different applications

• Color caps to identify products

• Markings on bottle to help with dilution

• Safety release valve to prevent over pressure 43.5psi

• Easy to maintain, no tools required to disassemble
• 1.9L capacity
• Safety lock on trigger


•    Remove top
•    Fill with product/diluted product to 1.25L
•    Pump approx. 15 times or until release valve clicks, or fill with air compressor until release valve clicks
•    Foam area, recharge if necessary
•    Engage safety lock when not in use
•    Pull on safety valve to depressurize if you are done working

More Info

1. Large wide mouth opening for easy filling

2. Translucent bottle with level indicator

3. Protective sleeve for valve chamber

4. Wide base for stability

5. Safety valve with depressurization option

6. Safety lock

7. Compressed air plug

8. Coloured caps for easy identification


Included with 3 Interchangable mixer adapters so you can set the foam the way you want.


Green - Dry Foam

Grey - Medium Foam

Orange - Wet Foam


Pressure Relief Safety Valve, Set at 3 bar / 43.5 psi, Depressurizable

Standard nozzles        Fan-type foam
Useable capacity        1.25 L - 42 Oz.
Total capacity               1.9 L - 64 Oz.
Gross weight                 0.7 kg - 1.54 lbs.
Net weight                     0.56 kg - 1.23 lbs.

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