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New Video – Exhaust Residue Cleaning

How to remove orange-brown exhaust residue, soot, and stains from the rear bumper of your car or truck.

This car had a professional ceramic coating applied and did get regular decontamination washes and hand washes. The contamination from the exhaust still stuck to the paint and doesn't wash off with normal methods. Even after hand washing, chemical removal of iron and tar, and clay bar, this exhaust residue still sticks on the rear bumper. In the case of this white BMW, the residue stains are visible over the entire back-end of the car.

This is normal with with some European cars, tuned cars, and high-performance cars.

We show you how OBSSSSD Paint Clean safely and effectively removes the exhaust residue which looks like a orange, brownish film. OBSSSSD Paint Clean is a mild pre-wax polish with a cleaning properties, can be used by hand or with a polisher.

See this BMW M3 E92 Coupe go from a dull brownish white to bright white again.

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