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CarPro NEW PRODUCT Release 2022 / 2023

CarPro New Products 2022 / 2023 - Auto Obsessed

Nine new products from CarPro have arrived. We were able to preview these earlier this year at the SEMA Show, and now they're with us in Canada!

  1. CarPro CQuartz Fabric 2.0 fabric protectant
  2. CarPro Reload 2.0 ceramic enhancer / topper
  3. CarPro DarkSide tire and rubber nano-sealant
  4. CarPro Release quick detail spray for new coatings
  5. CarPro ImmoGel concentrated PPF positioning lubricant
  6. CarPro Squeegee Kit
  7. CarPro Find My Dilute label system
  8. CarPro Bucket Stickers label system
  9. and introducing CarPro DQuartz... the world’s first functional nano-diamond ceramic coating

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