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Solution Finish Over The Top Plastic Sealer

New plastic protectant from Solution Finish: "Over The Top" protects plastic trim from harmful UV rays so the plastic doesn't fade and deteriorate. This sealant can be used as a standalone treatment on new or good-condition plastics, or used as a topper on plastics that have been restored with Solution Finish Trim Restorer.

If you have used Solution Finish, you know the quality is second-to-none and this new product does not disappoint. Over The Top is a product that fills the void in the detailing product industry – a UV protectant for plastic that lasts a long time!

Solution Finish Over The Top Features:
  • UV Protectant
  • Protect new plastics against UV fading
  • Can be used as a topper over Solution Finish Trim Restorer to enhance and extend the life of the treatment
  • Can be layered for additional protection
  • Dries clear
  • One application lasts approximately months

    Finally a long-lasting product that protects against harmful UV rays, and doesn't need to be re-applied after every car wash.

    Click here: Over The Top product details and specifications

    Solution Finish Over The Top Plastic Sealer
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    Solution Finish Over The Top


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