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Eurostart Remote Start

Eurostart remote starters are designed specifically for 2009 - 2021 BMW and 2014 - 2021 MINI Cooper vehicles.

Eurostart was engineered, tested and manufactured in Canada to ensure that you get the quality, reliability and it was put to the tests of the cold Canadian winters.  The production units were released in 2018 and have been working flawlessly all around North America in all climates.

Eurostart is manufactured in Canada using the highest-quality automotive grade components and wiring harness assemblies.

Each starter kit is custom-tailored to BMW and Mini vehicles; the mounting bracket and wiring harness are designed to fit each model perfectly, just like the remote start option would have been installed at the factory.

You likely purchased a BMW because you wanted top quality parts and engineering. Eurostart definitely goes above and beyond on every aspect for its entire range of model-specific BMW and MINI Cooper remote starters.


  • You can remote start the vehicle using the factory key fob (3x lock start feature).
  • Or for extended range you can add optional:
    • Compustar remotes
    • Drone smartphone interface.
    • Or Both
  • Heated seat activation is available for most vehicles with adjustable heat level.
  • Runtime is adjustable from 3min to 30min.
  • The Runtime and additional features can be configured using the steering wheel controls.
  • It was designed to consume very low power when not in use to prolong the vehicles battery life.

(Traditional remote start systems not designed for low power standby will deplete the battery faster.  When the battery is weak BMW vehicles can reduce power to the heater fan, heated seats and other non-essential features.  Aftermarket accessories not designed with low power standby should not be used.)

  • Once the vehicle starts, if the cabin temperature is below a user set point the heated seats will turn on at the pre-set level. Each seat can be configured with a different heat level or set to off.
  • The runtime can be extended if the factory fob 3x lock sequence is issued again or if the runtime extension command is received from the Compustar remote.
  • The vehicle can be turned off by either unlocking the vehicle from the factory fob, or pressing the Start/Stop button on the Drone smartphone app or Compustar remote.
  • In addition to remote starting; the vehicle can also be locked or unlocked using the Drone smartphone interface or  Compustar remote.  (VID: Lock from Drone)
  • Real time vehicle status is available from Drone smartphone app and Compustar remotes with display feature. (VID: Show Drone switch from unlock status to locked)
  • Runtime adjustment, headed seat temperature adjustment and other features can be configured using the vehicles steering wheel buttons. The vehicles signal indicators flash to guide you through the configuration process.


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