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Just released: our latest detailing product review, showing the NEW Griot's Garage Hybrid Micro Polisher:

Griot's Garage has been working on this polisher for more than four years. Today it is finally available for sale worldwide – in stock at Auto Obsessed.

We showed you the first look at this machine at SEMA 2022. Nick Griot unveiled the new polisher and explained why Griot's Garage developed this tool.

Watch the video to see a demonstration on everything you need to know about the new BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher from features, controls, accessories, warranty and what is included in this new kit.

If you are looking for a mini polisher to complete your polishing projects this polisher is a rotary and dual action polisher and polishes in three sizes (1-, 2-, and 3-inch backing plates and polishing pads).

See it here first at Auto Obsessed and get one of the first new polisher kits right here at Auto Obsessed.

Griot's Garage Hybrid Micro Polisher:
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