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Just released: our latest detailing product review, showing the NEW Griot's Garage 3-in-1 Wheel-Tire-Mat Cleaner.

Can a single product be good enough to clean your wheels, tires, and floor mats? In this review of the new Griot's Garage's 3-in-1 Wheel, Tire, and Mat Cleaner, we discuss its chemistry, performance, and effectiveness.

Watch the video to see a demonstration on how to use the NEW Griot's Garage 3-in1 Wheel-Tire-Mat product on rims, tires, and dirty floor mats.

This is a simple-to-use product that deep cleans and does not leave any reside or unsightly discoloration. Griot's Garage 3-in-1 Wheel-Tire-Mat Cleaner does a great job cleaning coated wheels, rubber tires, and rubber and plastic floor mats. It saves time and shelf space, and it's easy to use (thanks to its simple instructions).

Plus, it's affordable and available at Auto Obsessed.


Griot's Garage 3-in-1 Wheel-Tire-Mat Cleaner:
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