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New Car Detailing – What You Should know

New Video About New Car Detailing

A question we get asked a lot is "why detail a new car... it should be perfect condition, right?"

We’ve never ever seen a new car in perfect condition. 

New cars as delivered to consumers are not one-hundred percent new. At delivery, every car has imperfections. Sometimes quite shocking imperfections, like extensive scratches and paint damage.

Between the time a new vehicle leaves the factory to when it’s actually delivered to its owner, it’ll have been shipped and stored and handled by dozens of people. 

This video shows a new 2022 C8 Corvette Stingray delivered to us with only 7 kilometers on the odometer. The car has many paint defects, iron, and other contamination that was still on the vehicle even after the pre-sale prep and final delivery to client. 

In the new video, we discuss what detailers and new car owners should consider for New Car Prep details, our Auto Obsessed approach to this service, and our recommendations for protecting (and enjoying) new vehicle investments.

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