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Need a product that can help give your waxed vehicle a little pop?

Try OBSSSSD Paint Finish Concours Detailer before showing your waxed vehicle OBSSSSD™ Paint Finish Concours Detailer is a quick way to keep your vehicle looking its very best.

It s been engineered to provide superior lubrication and an exceptionally slick finish for any type of paintwork or clear film. OBSSSSD Paint Finish is designed to enhance the finish of high-grade waxes and sealants.

For the best freshly-waxed look, use on surfaces that have been fully prepared with a high quality wax such as OBSSSSD by Swissvax, or OBSSSSD Paint Seal. Check out our Video on the OBSSSSD Quick Detailer Products here:

You can find Paint Finish on our web store here:

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