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Our latest video showing the NEW IK Multi TR Mini 360 Sprayer that was just released:

The NEW IK Multi TR Mini 360 Sprayer – reviews, specs, and why this sprayer works so well with auto detailing and PPF installation.

In this video, I'm demonstrating the new IK Multi TR Trigger 360 500ml Sprayer. This new sprayer is a major improvement on the old IK Multi TR Trigger Sprayer, and is perfect for car detailing and paint protection film (PPF) installation.

This sprayer is a game-changer for car detailing enthusiasts and professionals. It's easy to use, it fits perfectly in your hand, and its new trigger sprayer design makes detailing fast and efficient. Plus, its small size makes it perfect for tight spaces, and it sprays at any angle – 360 degrees!

IK Multi TR Mini 360 Sprayer:
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