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In this video, the Auto Obsessed crew details a "brand new" 1st generation 1974 Ford Bronco. Yes, it is brand new. This custom Bronco is an amazing restomod done by Gateway Broncos – it's ready for anything!

This vehicle was delivered right to our door after it spent some time at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance just after is was completed at Gateway Bronco.

The car was brought to the Auto Obsessed Detailing Studio for our Specialty Detailing Services. We performed basically a New Car Prep which included a full multi-stage paint correction, full paint protection film, engine bay detailing, aluminum polishing and protecting, interior detailing, and more.

We used the best paint protection film and car detailing products to protect it from the elements so the owner can drive it anywhere, summer or winter. Ceramic coating will keep the Bronco looking great while the owner enjoys the truck doing what it was built for: driving and adventure!

If you're a fan of classic cars and want to see a unique detailing project, then this 1974 Ford Bronco detailing story is perfect. With the protection it received here, this Bronco will look amazing for years – it's ready for anything life throws its way.

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