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Here's a little bit more about Menzerna for those who aren't familiar: "As a manufacturer of polishing materials exclusively for over 120 years, Menzerna is uniquely positioned in the automotive industry with the expertise to provide polishing solutions for a wide range of surface finishing applications. With an extensive history of high quality product manufacturing and innovation combined with the knowledge gained through countless man - hours of application engineering, Menzerna remains the polishing materials leader in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry has relied on Menzerna to develop new products and processes that adapt to the ever- changing coatings technologies. And as the formulations of coatings evolve to provide greater protection of finished surfaces, the demands on the polishing systems are greater still. Not only are these requirements being fulfilled with innovative new products, productivity and efficiency is being improved as well.

The benefits from these new product developments go well beyond the original target application. Products and systems that were designed for one specific application many times have proven to have characteristics beneficial for many other surfaces and markets. These innovations and creative solutions are well known by our customers who have come to rely on Menzerna as their partner in this dynamic field. We look forward to being a part of your solution."

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