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CarPro Lift Pre-Wash Snow Foam



CarPro Lift Snow Foam Pre-Wash uses a 12pH alkyl formula to help “Lift” dirt and debris from your vehicles painted surfaces pre hand wash.

CarPro Lift can be used as a pre-soak on cars that have a ceramic coating, for prepping cars before applying a ceramic coating, or just doing a regular wash on your everyday car.

In our experience, Lift has proven to be a really effective pre-wash foam. It’s great at breaking down and encapsulating a large amount of dirt and grime. It literally “lifts” the dirt, like it sheds the dirt off the car, so you can rinse it clear away without ever having to touch the paint. And the less dirt that’s on the paint when you start your hand wash, the less possibility there is for marring or scratching with a wash mitt.

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CarPro Lift
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 CarPro Lift Snow Foam

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