Sonax Hybrid Tech Carnauba Wax

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Sonax Hybrid Tech Carnauba Wax

Easy to Apply, Extremely Effective Liquid Carnauba Wax & Paint Protectant

The chemists at SONAX first began researching the possibility of reducing the size of wax particles when the trend towards high density paints and ceramic clear coats was clearly becoming the way of the future for paint surfaces. Mercedes Benz and BMW commissioned the care care experts at SONAX to not only engineer production (technology/systems) and processes that could minimize the particle size of the wax to nanometers, but also stabilize the nano-particles to ensure they do not re-bond into larger particles over time.

Sonax Hybrid Tech Wax was the first Nano-technology Carnauba Wax available anywhere. The key distinguishing characteristic between SONAX s NanoTechnology Liquid Wax and competitors who claim they use nanotechnology is the SONAX recipe includes ingredients that stabilize the ultra fine wax particles, keeping them from reforming into larger particles. The finer the particle sizes, the easier the product is to apply and buff.

Sonax Hybrid Tech Wax will completely change the way you apply a protective layer to your vehicle. Using a damp sponge, simply spread the Liquid Wax in a fine layer (the thinner the better) over a section of the vehicle. Rubbing or polishing is not necessary. SONAX Liquid Wax has a wide working window so even in less than perfect conditions (high temperature, high humidity, long contact time) you will easily be able to remove the residue and have very good results.


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