P21S 100% Paste Carnauba Wax

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P21S 100% Paste Wax

A deep, wet look shine with pure Brazilian carnauba wax that's easy to apply and buff

If you're looking at a 100% carnauba wax for your car, you know the benefits of natural carnauba waxes. P21S 100% Carnauba Paste Wax gives a glorious, deep, wet look shine to your car's surface. P21S has developed a blending technique to convert nautral, hard wax into a pliable paste for you to easily apply and buff off your car's paintwork.

This high quality wax does not stain black plastic or trim and it does not powder when buffed out. P21S 100% Carnauba Paste Wax will give you an easy, beautiful, wet gloss finish.

  • pure carnauba wax gives the best, glorious, rippling wet look shine
  • specially blended and softened to be just as easy to use as waxes with lower carnauba content
  • fully compatible with scratch-resistant clear coat finishes
  • thin film application means a little wax goes a long way
  • includes thick, ergoniomically designed anti-fatigue hand applicator to keep you working comfortably

6 oz. jar

Manufactured in Germany

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