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nextzett Klima-Cleaner Air Conditioner Cleaner

A professional air conditioner cleaner that effectively removes odors, dust and pollen buildup from the evaporator core of the air conditioner system for fresh and clean air that lasts for months. Klima-Cleaner is applied via the drain tube or through the fins of the blower which leads directly to the evaporator by way of the intake vent (see diagram in How to Apply Klima-Cleaner Tutorial) . The special cleaning foam is then injected into the system where it removes pollen, dust, nicotine film, and odor causing agents. Finally, an exclusive protective film coats the evaporator for longer lasting results. For best results, apply every 3-6 months and replace your cabin/pollen air filters. Klima-Cleaner is water-based and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

  • Eliminates air conditioning odors at the source with results that lasts for months
  • Thoroughly cleans the evaporator core for more efficient cooling
  • Removes odor causing contaminants, nicotine, pollen and dust
  • Thick foaming formula allows for long work time ensuring effective cleaning
  • Water-based and free of caustic cleaners and irritants
  • Includes additional nozzle (red) for spraying directly on air conditioner coils

    ATTENTION: Read instructions before using! DO NOT apply through the vents. We highly recommend professional application only. On certain vehicle makes, damage may occur if product is not applied properly. If uncertain about application, have a certified mechanic apply product.

    10oz (300 ml)

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