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LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is a blend of selected, non-alkaline cleaning agents designed to clean leather safely and thoroughly without the harshness or potentially damaging effects of saddle soaps, which are alkaline.

PRODUCT RATIONALE The LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner formula is based on the principle of breaking up and removing the oils, which trap dirt in the leather while its foaming action lifts out the embedded dirt, leaving the leather with a clean, alkaline-free environment.
In contrast to LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner s foaming action, which loosens and suspends the dirt so that it can be easily rinsed away, the process of applying saddle soap results in working dirt into the leather where it can become trapped by the saddle soap s own lubricants. Rinsing may not remove all of the deposited soap, dirt and oil, so buildup can occur, subjecting the leather to the harsh effects of saddle soap s alkalinity.
LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is purely a cleaner. It contains no waxes, oils or additives that can interfere with its cleaning action or cause dirt to become trapped in the leather. Although glycerin is included in the formula to provide residual softness following cleaning, it leaves no deposit or impediment to the thorough cleaning of the leather. Dirt and grime are easily and thoroughly rinsed away.

Saddle soap does contain raw oils for the purpose of conditioning. This runs counter to the cleaning action of soap, which involves the removal of dirt by removing oils present on the leather.
LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is non-alkaline. Its balanced formula falls within the pH range of leather itself, and therefore, is safer for leather. Since it is alkaline-free it contributes to the prolongation of fiber life.
In contrast, soap must be alkaline in order to clean effectively and it is this alkalinity that is always harmful to leather. Thus, cleaning leather with saddle soap subjects the leather to the harsh effects of its alkalinity which can include: graying, discoloration or staining of light colored leathers, loss of vital tanning agents, cracking of the grain surface and other signs of deterioration.
LEXOL pH Leather Cleaner leaves no buildup on the leather even with hard water. Saddle soap; however, forms an insoluble residue in hard water, which may accumulate on the leather s surface.
LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is concentrated, so its cleaning effectiveness is accomplished with a considerably smaller quantity of product.
In summary, LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner outperforms saddle soap by safely deep cleaning the leather, freeing it of dirt and accumulated oils, thereby providing an alkaline-free environment ideal for a finishing application of LEXOL Conditioner and Preservative to restore clean, fresh lubrication to the leather.

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