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Rubber Prep, 16 Ounces
"A Little Less Conversation And A Little More Action..." Elvis Presley "Rubber Prep, A Little Less Rubbin' And A Lot More Action!" Richard Griot
We sell two excellent products for cleaning rubber. There's our Rubber Cleaner, to do regular cleaning when you wash your vehicle's tires, hoses, seals and trim moldings; then there's our new Rubber Prep for serious cleaning. It even removes that "Wet & Sticky Shine" you see on every dealership's used car lot. (I mean, really guys, what's up with that look? Do you really want to fling blobs of sticky gunk all over your paint or get it on your pants?) Rubber Prep strips away, silicones, sealants, waxes, oils, greases and prepares the rubber so you can achieve the best results with our Rubber Dressings for an even, consistent look and maximum protection. Tired of that brown film on your tires? How about that grey film or water drop staining on your rubber trim? With just a couple of swipes, it will be gone. A quick application of Rubber Prep will leave you with a virtually new surface, perfectly prepared for our Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, Long-Lasting Tire Dressing or Tire Rejuvenator. Odorless and ultra low VOC's so it's environmentally friendly. Works great on vinyl, too!
Item# 11071

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