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This is the big brother to Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish. Gel Coat Labs Gel Coat Heavy Cut Compound was designed to remove heavy oxidation, deeper scratches and severe chalk on painted and standard gel coat surfaces. Like its little brother, it was designed from the ground up specifically for the unique characteristics of gel coats.

We always recommend trying Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish first. Most light to medium chalky finishes can be restored with Fine Cut Polish. Gel Coat Heavy Cut Compound can be used as a spot-repair compound to remove specific, deeper scratches or as a whole surface compound to remove severe oxidation and chalk.

Gel Coat Heavy Cut Compound contains both a mechanical abrasive and a cutting solvent. Avoid contact with rubber and plastic moldings.

For best results, apply with a high speed, circular machine polisher using a gel coat, wool compounding pad. After compounding, follow with Bow to Stern Fine Cut Polish to restore surface gloss.

After polishing, seal the finish with Gel Coat Labs One-step, Gel Coat Micro-polish & Sealant.

Application Instructions:

Wipe or dab Gel Coat Heavy Cut Compound over a 3 sq. ft. area using a Microfiber applicator pad. Place a Gel Coat Wool Compounding Pad (maximum cut) on your circular machine polisher (Our Aggressor Wool Pad is an excellent match with this compound). Set speed between 1200 and 1800 rpm. Start at a lower speed range. Place the Gel Coat Compounding Pad on the surface and turn the machine on. Move the machine over the surface in an up and down, back and forth motion using medium pressure. Reduce pressure as product begins to haze. Buff off residues by hand using a dry Microfiber Buffing Cloth. If chalk is not easily removed, increase machine speed.

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