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Unlike paint, gel coat is porous. Seen under a microscope, the smooth, glassy finish on your boat is millions of tiny holes or pores. The walls of these pores gradually breakdown from exposure to ozone and ultraviolet light, filling with oxidized resin molecules called "chalk". This chalk eventually turns the entire outer surface a dull, opaque color. Micro-debris, marine scum and salt residues also collect in the pores accelerating the oxidation process.

Traditional polishes primarily address the effects of oxidation (chalky finish) not the cause of oxidation ( resin residues and micro-debris in the pores). While polishing temporarily restores gloss, oxidation is still continuing under the surface.

Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish contains a micro-fine polishing agent to restore the gel coat's original gloss and vitality. It effectively pulls dead, oxidized resins off the surface revealing a healthy, fresh resin layer. During application, proprietary cleansing oils penetrate the newly revealed layer thoroughly cleansing surface pores. These oils aid in surface lubrication during buffing and soothe the finish in the same manner as a hand lotion on chapped skin.

Gel Coat Labs Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish is designed to remove minor oxidation, light scratches, fine swirls and light chalk from both painted and unpainted gel coat surfaces. For surfaces with heavy chalk or deeper scratches, compound first with Gel Coat Heavy Cut Compound. After compounding, polish with Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish to restore surface gloss.

After polishing, seal the finish with One-step, Gel Coat Micro-polish & Sealant.

Application Instructions:

Personal watercraft (jet skis, etc.) can be polished and buffed by hand. Apply polish with a Microfiber Power Scrubber Applicator Pad. Buff off residues with a Microfiber cloth.

Small to medium size craft with light oxidation can be restored using a dual-action polisher like the Porter Cable 7424 using an 7-1/2 inch, CCS Technology, Orange Power Pad. Pads are not included with this polish.

Note: Dual action machines like the Porter Cable 7424 do not have enough cutting action to effectively use a wool compounding pad. When applying this polish with a 7424 polisher, use a CCS Technology, Orange Power Pad. Wool Compounding Pads are best used on circular machine polishers.

For best results, especially on larger craft or vessels with moderate chalk, apply Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish using a circular polisher and a 7-1/2 inch, Gel Coat, Wool Compounding Pad (The 7-1/2 Avenger Wool Pad is an excellent match with this polish) .

Wipe or dab Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish over a 3 sq. ft. area using a Microfiber applicator pad. If using the Porter Cable 7424 polisher, set the speed control between 4 and 5. If using a circular polisher, set the speed between1200 and 1800 rpm. Start at a lower speed range. Place the Gel Coat Compounding Pad on the surface and turn the machine on. Move the machine over the surface in an up and down, back and forth, motion using medium pressure. Reduce pressure as product begins to haze. Buff off residues by hand using the Microfiber buffing cloth. If gloss is not easily restored, increase machine speed.


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