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PF22 Foam Cannon

The MTM PF22 Professional Foam Lance combines high pressure water with car wash soap and air to produce thick clinging foam. Cover your car with thick soapy foam to lubricate and loosen dirt, and reduce the chances of creating swirls or scratches while washing. The chemical injection knob on top controls the chemical draw through the internal chamber to blend a thicker or thinner foam. The innovation of the PF-22 Foam Lance lies in the nozzle. The MTM Hydro Foam Lance has an adjustable spray pattern that can foam vertically or horizontally with the twist of the wrist. Easily spray thick foam onto any vehicle, house, fence, sidewalk, roof or other washable items. The PF22 Professional Foam Lance also features a variable angle foam fan that, with a simple twist, sprays between a 0ø focused jet to a gentle 50ø wide fan pattern.

Foam cannon comes with 1.25mm orifice installed. Due to popular demand, the 1.1mm orifice is now also included with the MTM PF22 foam lance. 

Video demonstration: watch the Foam Cannon in action

What do you need to make the Foam Cannon work?

  • foaming car shampoo (like OBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo)
  • pressure washer (greater than 1000 psi)
  • pressure washer adapter and/or connector (included with purchase, see below)
  • space to wash your car
  • time to let the foam fly!

When you add the Foam Cannon to the shopping cart, select the pressure washer adapter you need for your pressure washer:

  1. Kew/Alto
  2. Kranzle
  3. Lavor
  4. Bosch
  5. Karcher K-series
  6. Karcher HD/HDS
  7. Universal Coupler / Male Plug
  8. Universal Connector (included if you choose adapter A, C, D or E)

Here is a list of some of the power washers that we know the fittings for:

  1. Karcher K Series (K5.68M) - Adapter "E"
  2. Simoniz S1800 - Adapter "G"
  3. Stihl RE128plus - Adapter "A"

See pictures of pressure washer adapters for reference:

Foam Cannon built with brass fittings, 1 liter water/shampoo reservoir.
Made in Italy

DILUTION : As a good guide treat the foam cannon bottle as if it is 5 gallons, therefore mix a solution that is suitable for a 5 gallon bucket and adjust as required.

To ensure longevity and proper operation of your foam cannon, always run fresh water through the unit after every use.

Please make sure that all threaded connections between the foam cannon and your pressure washer are wrapped in Teflon tape to ensure a properly functioning foam cannon, and leak free results.


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