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Detailing Outlaws
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Product expected late September.


You are washing your car at a self-wash station, you use 2 wash mitt for upper and lower body plus a small brush for tiny spaces. When you change the mitt from upper to lower area, you hang it over the edge of your bucket and suddenly, it slips off… and we would bet in 90% of any cases it falls down on the ground! Your washing-tool picks up dirt and hard particles and becomes unusable for that day – some of our customers would even dispose that thing to avoid any risk of future paint damage! At this point our Buckanizer comes into play!

Did you ever became mad when you lost your brush in your bucket? Did you ever wished more space to layaway your wheel brush or wheel wash-mitt instead of having all the items in your bucket during use? Our Buckanizer is the solution for many problems during car- and wheel washes!

As you can see in the pictures, Buckanizer attaches directly to your bucket, fitting perfectly to almost any of the typical 3.5 / 5 GAL buckets. With a volume of ~ 3,7L / 1 GAL, you extend your wash bucket massively for storage of any possible product like chemicals, wheel brushes, wash mitts, brushes, waterless-wash towels or even drinking bottles!

If you are wondering, if Buckanizer fits when using a Gamma Seal lid, the answer is YES! The special construction makes it possible, to attach it safe and tight with or without Gamma Seal Lid installed.



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