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G6 Hyper Coat High Gloss Protectant Dressing is perfect for restoring and protecting your vehicle's exterior and interior trim while providing it with an ultimate shine. Restoring and protecting exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl trim can be a challenging part of the detailing process. UV rays and extreme heat can cause damage and discoloration, leaving the trim on any vehicle vulnerable to cracking and color fading. Just one application provides a deep, black appearance to exterior trim while protecting from the harmful effects of the environmental elements. The smooth and easy application of G6 Hyper Coat means there is no need to go back and re-apply dressing to uneven areas. Since G6 Hyper Coat is water based, you get the 100 percent 'dry to the touch' black look. This special water-based emulsion process is engineered to repel dirt and grime, leaving the surface crisp and black without the greasy look of oil-based dressings.

How to use

Use G6 Hyper Coating Treatment and Tire protectant on exterior trim and moldings to restores and protect delivering a new look to dull, fading or faded rubber and vinyl.

1. G6 should be applied to a clean surface. Start by cleaning surface very well with the right interior or exterior cleaner. For interiors such as vinyl, plastic and rubber us NONSENsE -All surface super cleaner, the first colorless odorless super cleaner. For exteriors surface you can also use NONSENsE or you may wish to use a stronger cleaner like Premium Wheel and Rim Cleaner or all purpose cleaner to clean tires first.

2. Spray G6 Hyper Coat Treatment to surface to be treated or spray onto applicator and gently work into surface.

3. Use an applicator or towel to work G6 into surface.

4. Allow G6 coating to dry.



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