Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel Brush ACC_S31

Chemical Guys
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Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel, Rim & Engine Brush

The Ferret Wheel, Rim & Engine Brush is a big, long and flexible brush that is great for cleaning tight and hard to reach places. It is perfect for getting deep into wheels, rims and engines. The full length of the brush is 17 inches with 12 inch long bristles. The tip of the bristles measure 2 inches in girth and expand to 3 inches. The Ferret Brush has long and slender bristles that are flexible and bendable which makes it easy to adjust the brush to clean hard to reach and tight areas. The handle is made out of 100% environmentally friendly sustainable treated wood. The slim-line body enables bristles to fold in, allowing the brush to reach the toughest and tightest places. The slim-line body is also 100% rust proof. Using the right wheel cleaner makes the job a lot easier but having the right brush can make all the difference.


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