Chemical Guys Dust Monster XL ACC_M04

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Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster (Original)

The Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster is an extra fluffy Australian Merino wool car duster. It is made from the highest quality Australian grown wool and is all natural. Unlike traditional car dusters that use chemicals or wax covered cotton fibers, the Dust Monster is made of the finest grade premium quality Australian raised Merino wool. The Dust Monster relies on static, rather than pressure, to remove dust safely. Static makes the duster more effective and reduces friction creating the ideal choice for painted surfaces. Traditional dusters are wax coated and rely on a tacky wax or chemicals to create a surface tension that will attract and hold dust. The Dust Monster uses only all natural premium wool. As you twirl the duster, you general naturally produced static which attracts dust like a magnet. The static charge safely lifts dust from the surface so no surface pressure is necessary. The Dust Monster leaves the surface perfectly clean and dust-free without placing unwanted oils back onto the polished surface.

  • Fluffy handmade Australian 100% genuine Merino wool
  • Ideal for interior and exterior vehicle dusting
  • Relies on static rather than pressure to remove dust
  • 100% wax free


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