CarPro Reflect Polish

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Reflect Polish

Super fine finishing polish high gloss

Developed to compliment the CQuartz line of nanotechnology coatings, CarPro Reflect is one of the most advanced finishing polishes on the market. With a proprietary blend of fine rapidly-diminishing abrasives and sophisticated nano-particles, Reflect quickly removes holograms and light wash marring, revealing an intensely glossy finish. Tested and honed by detailers all over the world, Reflect has all the features that both hobbyists and professionals desire: supreme ease of use, fast working times, zero filling or masking of defects, consistent results on both hard and soft paint types, and a highly reflective mirror-like appearance that subsequently earned the polish its name. Welcome to the future of paintwork finishing technology.

Features & Specifications


  • Rapidly-Diminishing P3000 scale Aluminum-Oxide Abrasives quickly remove holograms and light marring before refining down to a fine finishing grade for a perfectly jeweled finish.
  • Proprietary Nano-Particles combine with the abrasives to enhance the reflective index of the paint surface beyond what conventional finishing polishes can achieve.
  • Strong lubrication balanced with easy wipe-off characteristics, dust-free operation, and zero filling or masking of defects provides a true flawless finish.
  • Silicone and wax free formulation means Reflect is 100% Body Shop Safe, which along with low product consumption (5ml. per M ) make it suitable for use in a high-volume refinish environment.
  • Ideal for use prior to applying nano coatings or sealants, as well as conventional polymer-sealants or carnauba waxes to achieve maximum gloss and depth.
  • Suitable for all application methods, including dual-action or rotary polisher, as well as by hand.


Application Instructions


For best finishing results apply with an 80-90 ppi foam Finishing Pad, or a 70 ppi foam Light Polishing Pad if more cut is desired. Apply 3-4 small pea-sized drops of polish to the face of the pad, and spread over a small area no larger than 24 X24 square (Approximately 155cm X 155cm) using a slow polishing speed. Afterwards, increase speed to a moderate machine setting (4000-5000 OPM s with DA, or 1000-1200 RPM with Rotary), and continue working the product with little or no pressure until the lubricant film turns transparent. At this point you can stop and buff off the residue using a soft Microfiber Towel, revealing a full gloss finish. Before polishing the next section, clean the pad with a stiff brush or microfiber towel to keep the foam clear of spent paint and polish residues. Once completed, follow up by removing the remaining oils with CarPro Eraser, and locking in the shine with a CarPro nanotechnology sealant like Reload or Hydro2, or one of the CQuartz line of coatings for long-lasting results. If defects persist, step up your polishing power with CarPro Fixer before refining with Reflect for the ultimate finish.

1 x CarPro Reflect 500ml

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