CarPro Fog Fight Kit

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CarPro Fog Fight:

How to stop your car windows from fogging up

Use CarPro Fog Fight antifog solution to:

  • stop your car's windshield and mirrors from fogging up
  • prevent water from condensing on the inside of your car windows
  • stop fog from forming on your car's windscreen and other glass

When your safety depends on fog-free vision, never settle for less than the best. Fog Fight is the antifog solution made exactly for that. CarPro Fog Fight is a super hydrophilic coating (less than 20?ø contact angle) which eliminates tiny water condensation. CarPro Fog Fight is a durable, long lasting anti fog or steam treatment. Apply CarPro Fog Fight for antifog, anticondensation protection for your safety windscreen, mirrors, eyeglasses and/or face shields.

In lab tests, no fog formed after 60 minutes on Fog Fight treated glass over boiling water or a hundred cycles of heat-and-cold! You're ready for heat, cold and high humidity even when your job means working up a sweat. One application of this defogger treatment that's safe for all optics and your glass is protected for a long time.

CarPro Fog Fight is Fast, Easy, Safe and Long Lasting.

  • Safe and effective on all glasses, lens types
  • Single application cleans glass and stops fog
  • Cleaner and anti-fog treatment in one step
  • One application lasts very long time if not touched
  • Goes on clear, no haze. Glass will be residue free with no streaks from application.
  • Includes 100 milliliter spray bottle, one applicator, two suede 10 sq. cm and one suede 20 sq. cm microfiber cloths


  • Shake well before use.
  • Do not touch, rub or clean with water the surface of the glass after application.
  • Store CarPro Fog Fight solution in in cool dry ventilated space.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Application Tips

In very cold weather, spray a fine mist onto the glass surface, not too much. Use a thicker microfiber to wipe in the solution very well if necessary. Try to avoid applying CarPro Fog Fight in very humid conditions or high temperature.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of CarPro Fog Fight being applied and tested.

Durability : 1 month if not touched or wiped.

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