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Interior Car Cleaning Reviewed and Tested

In the detailing world, a lot of focus is put on the exterior of our cars and tricks. Sometimes we forget that the interior cabin is the part of the vehicle we see when we're driving! We sit in, see, smell, and touch the interior every single time we use the vehicle.

Detailers are tasked with cleaning, freshening, and protecting the interior surfaces. People bring a lot of dirt inside the car. Dust, lint, fingerprints and skin oils, grease, mud, food and beverages… the list goes on. 

Detailing vehicle interiors can be complicated because there’s a variety of materials there. The best results come from a product that can clean well and leave a nice finish on multiple materials. 

Interior cleaning power

OBSSSSD Interior is a premium interior cleaning and finishing product. It is a medium-strength cleaner that leaves a consistent, attractive, picture-perfect finish – just as the factory intended – on interior plastics, metals, vinyls, and leather interior trim.

It works well in most cleaning scenarios and is safe to minimize potential damage in delicate areas.

Factory-fresh finish

Its beautiful finish is one of OBSSSSD Interior's main benefits. The cleaner leaves glossy areas glossy and matte area matte!

This is great for complex interiors that have a multitude of different surfaces not only for thorough cleaning but also for light a spot touchups. Since the product does not alter the original surface, you are not committed to do the entire dashboard. You can do small touch-ups on the areas that need it.

OBSSSSD Interior leaves a matte finish on matte surfaces

Spray onto a microfiber towel or detailing brush and wipe the surface clean.

Cleaning the interior of cars and trucks

This vehicle is 11 years old with 200,000 kilometers. This interior was cleaned with OBSSSSD Interior.

Interior cleaner for plastic and metal surfaces

Extremely easy to use

This is one product that tackles the majority of the interior detailing needs. Interior cleaner works beautifully on:

  • Textured plastics like we often see on dashboards and door panels
  • Smooth and painted plastics like around the gauge cluster and center console, plus armrests, and door controls, kick panels, sill plates
  • Metal trim like chrome, aluminum, and polished resin trim like wood or carbon fiber
  • Leather and vinyl trim like kick panels, dashboards, consoles, door panels.

With the exception or glass, fabric, and leather seats, OBSSSSD Interior handles all interior materials well so it's easy to go into the car with one bottle and clean everything in one pass.

Saves time and money

Since the product is a medium-strength cleaner and leaves the finish unaltered, this eliminates the requirement to purchase material-specific cleaning products. This saves times when detailing and money not spent on multiple products.

Perfect smell

Most Interior cleaners have either a strong chemical smell, or a strong scent added that is unpleasant to many users. Interior cleaner has a light, fresh, clean smell that makes your vehicle's interior very inviting and not offensive or unnatural.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

OBSSSSD Interior cleaner is environmentally friendly with its 100% biodegradable formula. This product is manufactured in North America.

Spray bottle OBSSSSD detailing cleaner for interiors

Directions to use OBSSSSD Interior:

  1. Spray OBSSSSD Interior onto a clean microfiber cloth, or apply directly to surface.
  2. Wipe the affected area with a clean microfiber.
  3. If the panel is textured or the area is heavily soiled, gently agitate with a soft brush.
  4. Wipe away any excess product with a clean microfiber.

 OBSSSSD Interior features

    • Nothing shiny, nothing greasy.
    • OBSSSSD Interior is silicone-free and does not alter the tone or reflectivity of the surface it is applied to.
    • Good for virtually any surface in the interior cabin:
      • Plastics - smooth, glossy, and textured plastic trim
      • Metals - aluminum, stainless trim
      • Painted interior trim surfaces
      • Dashboard and center console
      • Doors, door sills, handles, and kick panels
      • Carbon fiber trim
      • Vinyl and leather trim
      • Not recommended for glass, fabric, or leather seats

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    Three sizes available:

    1. 476ml / 16oz spray bottle
    2. 3.79L / 1 gallon
    3. 18.9L / 5 gallon


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