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Flex LIMITED EDITION "Red Beast" XC 3401 VRG Dual-Action Polisher
The Heart of The Beast

Flex Tools did a unique celebration for their 100th anniversary: melted down a 4,000-horsepower dragster engine and made special-edition polishers.


To make this limited-edition series of VRG 3401 polishers, they used 83 kilograms of high-strength aluminum melted down from a Red Beast engine.


The engine block was donated from the Red Beast Heartbeat Racing competition dragster. Piloted by Michael Winter, the Red Beast competes in series like Super Pro ET. Cars in this category can do a quarter mile in 6 seconds at 280 km/h.

Polisher Review – Flex 3401 RED BEAST INSIDE

- Limited production: only 1000 polishers made


- Each polisher is individually numbered with a matching certificate


- Comes with an 8GB USB key – shaped like the dragster – and a 6-inch red foam polishing pad


- The polisher has a polished aluminum bell housing, embossed serial number, new color scheme, and the Red Beast logo on the side


- 120V motor for North America only


- Forced rotation, gear-driven 8mm orbit


- Uses 6" pads


- 590W power output


- Variable speed 3200-9600 OPM (orbits per minute)


- 5.73lbs weight (2.6kg)

What is a "Direct Drive" polisher?

The pad rotation from the free rotating spindle of a standard dual-action polishing tool can be slowed or stopped when pressure is applied on the paint surface. This "pad stall" or "pad slowing" effect can cause irregularities in the polished surface.


This is especially noticeable during heavy cutting corrections where standard dual-action polishers are less efficient because the pad rotates slower under pressure.


Flex has solved this issue with a direct-drive dual-action polisher that keeps the pad spinning even when the operator pushes the pad into the paint. This gives the operator more power, speed, and productivity.

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