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CarPro BlackOut Tire Coating

Everything you need to know about washing and preparing wheels for a tire coating.

No vehicle looks good with brown, dull tires.

Tires touch the ground. They get covered in dirt and brake dust, and they suffer the effects of UV fading.

Even after washing, tires can still look brown and dull. To sharpen the look of their tires, detailers finish their rubber with a tire dressing. Tire dressings darken the tires to a nice black and add gloss.

Most tire dressings have a service life of 3-6 weeks. Tire coatings are a different category of product. Unlike dressings, tire coatings like CarPro BlackOut deliver multiple months of black shine and protection, even on vehicles that are driven daily.

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How long does a bottle last? We are seeing that a 50ml bottle of CarPro BlackOut is enough to do two coats on 8 tires. So, 50ml is enough for two cars.

CarPro Blackout new long-lasting tire coating

CarPro includes a foam applicator in the box with the BlackOut coating. You should have a reliable all-purpose cleaner (like CarPro Multi X) and a tire scrub brush so you can thoroughly clean and prepare the rubber before applying the coating.

Applying CarPro Blackout coating onto the tire's rubber sidewall

To achieve an even, consistent, uniform appearance, we recommend extra brushing with the foam applicator. After the coating has been applied over the entire sidewall, take an extra minute to repeatedly brush the applicator around the tire. The extended brushing will level the coating down on the tire surface and prevent blotchy, uneven areas.

This before-and-after photo shows the tire immediately after the second coat. Before the coating has cured, the initial appearance is very shiny.

Before-and-after comparison photo with rubber tire and CarPro Blackout coating

After completing the two coats of CarPro BlackOut, the tire has a deep black appearance with a satin, not overly-glossy, sheen.

Result of CarPro Blackout tire coating after application

After 3-5 days, when the coating has fully cured, the gloss level settles down to a satin, mid-gloss sheen.

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