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What qualifies as the best way for a detailer to dry a car?

  • Fast
  • No touching the paint
  • No water spots
  • No lint or streaks
  • Swirl and scratch-free
  • Eliminate residual water from dripping and dribbling out for hours on end...

Detailers want to do the most they can to preserve a scratch-free paint finish. Drying the vehicle after a wash is a necessary step to prevent water spots, but any time you touch the paint you are increasing the chances of adding damage and creating scratches and swirls. 

Using a forced-air car dryer is a touch-free way to to dry the car. We use MetroVac Master Blaster air dryers – 8HP, heated, filtered air dryers – in the Auto Obsessed Detailing Studio when we dry a car. In our 10 years of detailing experience, this is absolutely the best way to dry a car.

No more dripping and dribbling water

Not only are we not touching the car when drying the car after a car wash, we use the power air stream to force the water out of seams, cracks, crevices, mirrors, grilles, sunroofs, window channels, headlights, tail lights and all the difficult areas on a car.

No more water dripping for hours or days leaving water streaks on the paint or other areas of the vehicle. The dryer saves us time and completes the detail to perfection. 

These dryers are not only for cars but can be used on Motorcycles, RV's, boats, anything you want to dry. Master Blasters can even be used to blow the dust off too!

Reliable history

MetroVac has been building these Air Force Master Blasters since 2001. Troy, the founder of Auto Obsessed, purchased his first Master Blaster three years before Auto Obsessed was founded in 2010.

Troy was looking for a better way to dry a car without touching it. He tried using an air compressor, leaf blower, and the output end of a Shop Vac. He bought a MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster and found that nothing came close to the powerful output of this heated and filtered car dryer!

In 2016, MetroVac partnered with OBSSSSD and created the MetroVac OBSSSSD Series Master Blaster. These units are the only ones in the world that carry an additional one year warranty. With the MetroVac OBSSSSD Series products you get a full two year manufacturer warranty! Only at Auto Obsessed!

Features of the Master Blaster air dryers:

  • Touchless, fast drying with no after-streaking
  • Warm, filtered air safely blasts water off your car's finish
  • Dries water in hard-to-reach cracks and joints places where towels and chamois can not reach
  • Does not remove wax
  • Cuts drying time by up to 75%
  • Helps prevents rust and eliminates water spots
  • Better/safer than compressed air or leaf blowers
  • Rugged all-steel construction built to last
  • Dual twin-fan motors generating 4.0 peak horsepower each
  • Made in North America

Compare the three MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster versions:

MetroVac Master Blaster

MetroVac Master Blaster
  • 2 x 4HP Motors
  • Master Blaster dryer on wheels with 12 foot power cord
  • Rugged steel construction
  • 10-foot heavy duty hose
  • Heavy duty neoprene blower nozzle
  • Air concentrator
  • Air streamer tool
  • Micro adaptor
  • Male/male adaptor

MetroVac Master Blaster Revolution

MetroVac Master Blaster Revolution

Same as above but also includes:

  • Swivel front wheels
  • Wall hanger for Master Blaster
  • Wall hanger for hose

MetroVac Master Blaster Revolution 30

MetroVac Master Blaster Revolution 30

Same as above, but with a longer hose.

  • Extra long 30' hose (instead of 10' hose)





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