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The 5 Best Tire Shine & Tire Dressings of 2019 (Reviewed & Tested)

Tire shine is part and parcel of those people who value the image of their vehicles more than anything else. The main reason for carrying out this exercise is to give the tires a shiny, brand new look that’s more likely to make them attractive including the car.

The whole tire shining task takes a few minutes on each tire but
the outcome is something to behold. Once you are done with detailing your car, what you will come to notice is the old, gray tires, creating a visible contrast to your magnificent car. But you can do away with that unpleasant contrast by simply applying the best tire shine that you can find on the market.

The tire shine comes in the form of gel, spray or foam and is designed to give the tires the look that will appeal to your eye. The good news is that this product is affordable but extremely effective when it comes to the restoration of your tires, making them look as though they’re brand new from the factory.

But with many brands and variants available on the market today, choosing the right product can be hectic, to say the least. This is because some products are not genuine and are likely to cause some considerable damage to your tires. So, a lot of care is needed when choosing these products among dozens of counterfeits
on the display. Here is a comprehensive buying guide for the best tire shine and tire dressings that will guarantee you quality and durability for your money. Read on and find out what you’ve been missing all along.

#1 OBSSSSD Tire Satin

OBSSSSD Tire Satin is here to give you enough reasons why the tires on your car need to look almost brand new. This product looks perfect and it's not too matte or too shiny like what you are likely to see on many luxury cars displayed at the Auto Shows.

Instead, the OBSSSSD Tire Satin will only display that amazing
and perfect semi-shiny appearance when applied on the tires. Unlike other tire shine brands known for their "wet shine" effect on tires, this product is somehow different.

As a matter of fact, it fixes the "wet shine" effect because it is a top-quality water-based tire dressing product. It consists of a gloss enhancing, hydrating and preservative agents that helps in replacing lost moisture from the rubber materials used in the construction of tires.

Also, it protects the entire surface on the tire against discoloration or cracking resulting from ultraviolet radiation. OBSSSSD Tire Satin leaves a long-lasting deep black satin finish on your tires, thus giving you confidence when driving your car.

Key Features

  • Amazing looking tire dressing, adds sheen to tires without making them look like plastic.
  • Does not attract dust, meaning that it will go longer before the tires need to be cleaned and recoated.
  • You only need to use a thin coat, meaning that a little bit goes a long way.
  • Soaks into your tires quickly, meaning that it will not fling onto your vehicle.
  • Leaves the tires looking uniform and better than new.

#2 OBSSSSD Tire Matt

OBSSSSD Tire Matte comes in handy to give you a unique yet unmatched performance when you apply it on your tires. This product is designed primarily to provide a perfectly clean rubber and matte look on the tires. As a tire dressing product, OBSSSSD Tire Matte boasts of its hydrating agents coupled with preservatives that help restore its original image in just a moment.

Key Features

  • It provides the tire with a nice matter look that is uniformly distributed without adding any gloss to its surface.
  • A thin coat is all that you need and everything else will fall in place
  • It soaks quickly without flinging off the tires onto your car.
  • It’s capable of replenishing moisture lost from the tire’s rubber compound.
  • Offers maximum protection to the surface against cracking and discoloration caused by UV radiation.
  • It doesn’t attract dust.
  • A good option for dressing plastic wheel liners as well as textured plastic trim.
  • Its biodegradable, eco-friendly and VOV complaint.

#3 CarPro PERL

Of all the water-base dressing we’ve tested, CarPro PERL is the most long-lasting - which is rare for a water-base dressing. Solvent base dressing are much longer lasting than water-base BUT and that’s a big but, they gradually turn your tire from black to a mud-like brown which is not attractive at all.

A special ingredient of CarPro PERL is its silicon‑oxide which offers the best balance between a safe water-based dressing and durability. PERL other unique feature is that it can be diluted up to 4!

So you can get 64oz with a 16oz bottle, but note that the shine will diminish if you dilute it. And it doesn’t stop there, PERL can also be used on Plastics, Engines, Rubber and Leather (PERL)!

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