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One-Person Brake Bleeder

The Finest One-Person Brake Bleeder Eliminates The Call Of "Honey, Can You Come Out To The Garage And Pump The Brakes Again?"

Bleeding your brakes can be a simple operation if you have the right tools. This One-Person Brake Bleeder is marvelous. Hook it up to your air tank or compressor, depress the lever on top (a Venturi effect is created), open the bleed screw just a hair and the air and old fluid will be drawn out. Simple as that. Use it to bleed brakes and hydraulic clutch lines, or to suck old brake fluid out of the reservoir before you get started. (This is what I do before I bleed the brakes so I can start pulling fresh fluid immediately.) The white "catch tank" enables you to drain up to 33 ounces (1 liter). More than enough for any brake bleeding job. It has a wide base and the air inlet on the handle is positioned at an angle that allows the unit to sit flat on the floor when an air hose is attached so it doesn't tip over. Includes clear tubing that allows you to see the air bubbles and dirty brake fluid being drawn out. The rubber bleeder fitting creates a tight seal to keep air out. Eliminates having your spouse pump the brakes at 1 a.m. A clean, simple and quick way to bleed brakes! Imported.

Griot's Item# 35714

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