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How to Wash your Vehicle - OBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo detailing video.

In this detailing tutorial video, we talk about the features and benefits of the OBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo and the steps to use it.

How to Clean your Wheels - OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner Gel.

In this detailing tutorial video we talk about the features, benefits of OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner Gel, and the how to use it to clean your wheels.

OBSSSSD Premium Detailing Products

Introduction of OBSSSSD Products, the story, the experience, the styling, the quality.

How to use auto detailing clay (Swissvax Paint Rubber detailing clay)

This video guide shows how and why to use detailing clay on your car. In this example, we use Swissvax Paint Rubber detailing clay.

Car detailing: How to do paint preparation polish with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid

This is a paint preparation step to do after decontamination, washing, drying and claying. This gentle polish removes micro-marring and fine scratches. Do this before you apply your wax or sealant LSP (Last Step Protection).

Detailing guide: how to do a maintenance car wash with Swissvax and apply Swissvax Wax.

Complete maintenance car wash, claying, using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid and applying Swissvax Wax video guide using Swissvax car care products. Watch for best car wash practices and tips.

Detailing tutorial: How to wash your car exterior with Swissvax

Best practices guide, how to hand-wash your car using the two-bucket system with grit guards and Swissvax car care products.

Detailing tutorial: How to apply Swissvax car wax LSP

In this detailing tutorial video, we demonstrate how to apply a thin layer of car wax onto a car's paintwork. Use wax to give your car a protective finish and a deep, glorious gloss. Apply a thin layer of car wax LSP "Last Step Product" onto your car's paint. For an even deeper finish, apply a second layer of Swissvax car wax after the first has been buffed.

Detailing tutorial: How to wash car wheels and tires with Swissvax

In this video, we demonstrate how to wash, decontaminate, polish, wax and dress a car's wheels and tires using Swissvax car care products. Make your wheels look nice and bright. Look at the before and after results of this auto detailing tutorial.

How to use a detailing clay bar on your car - by Auto Obsessed

This tutorial guide shows how and why to use detailing clay on your car. Test an area, apply lubrication and then run the clay over the surface to shear off any embedded contaminants in the paint to make surface perfectly smooth. When you're done claying the vehicle, you can begin polishing the car to correct scratches and imperfections in the paint's clear coat or simply apply a Last Step Product like a wax, lacquer coating, nano coating or sealant.

How to Decontaminate your vehicle, to prepare your car for polishing, waxes, sealants or coatings.

In this detailing tutorial video, we talk about removing iron particles, tar and other deposits remain embedded in the clear coat. Before you begin polishing your paint or before you apply a wax, sealant or nano coating LSP, remove these embedded contaminants and make the paint perfectly smooth.

How to clean Exhaust Tips, cleaning and polishing car exhaust tips.

In this detailing tutorial video, we talk about how we wash, clean, steel wool and polish the exhaust tips of a BMW M3 before applying a protective sealant on the metal for a longer-lasting shine. Prior to our cleaning, these exhaust tips were almost black with carbon build-up and dirt. After, you will see how perfectly bright the beautiful chrome tips look.