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Victoria Wax Lite Cleanse:
For optimum results, Lite Cleanse must be used before applying any of our paste waxes for the first time. A unique non-abrasive formulation for regular and clear-coated paint finishes. Lite Cleanse is not your typical pre-wax-cleaner that everyone else markets, but a very special foundation conditioner for all our old fashion waxes. Lite Cleanse gently cleans, conditions and prepares the paintwork for a perfect waxing experience. Lite Cleanse helps to create a beautifully perfect bond between the finish and the wax. Lite Cleanse interacts perfectly when it comes in contact with the wax to dramatically deepen the illusion of an exotic appearance of depth. Apply a thin coat of Lite Cleanse, gently work it in and let it sit until tacky. Using a soft Detailing Cloth, gently remove everything to expose a finish ready for the wax. If needed, repeat cleaning action until all contaminates, grime and foreign products are removed. Remember, the cleansing and prepping process should only be done before the wax is applied for the first time and there after only when needed. Storage of car care products should be at room temperature, 'not too hot or too cold' and out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure of any Victoria Wax's product to extremely sensitive skin and/or pre-existing skin conditions may cause redness or irritation with some people. If that occurs, thoroughly wash the area with a mild soap and discontinue using.

  • For optimum results
  • Easily and quickly
  • Gently remove contaminates
  • Unique non-abrasive
  • Special foundation conditioner


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