_Sonus SFX-4 6" Charcoal Pad

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The Sonus SFX-4 Final Gloss Seal and Protect Pad with the Sonus SFX-4 Paint Sealant is the final step to a flawless finish using the Four Step Sonus SFX Polishing System.

The Sonus SFX-4 Final Gloss Seal and Protect pad is a 6 Velcro back foam pad that offers safe, thin and even application of your favorite car wax, sealant or protectant.

Sonus SFX Polishing System:

STEP 1- Sonus SFX-1 Remove serious defects
STEP 2- Sonus SFX-2 Remove swirl and minor defects
STEP 3- Sonus SFX-3 Pre wax cleaning and gloss enhancement
STEP 4- Sonus SFX-4 Protect your paint finish from harsh environmental elements

Note: Not all paint finishes require the entire four-step process. Complete only the steps necessary for the condition or your paint finish.

Before any polishing processes wash your vehicle to remove loose dirt and use detailing clay to remove bonded surface contamination so your paint is clear of any contamination and ready to polish and protect.

One 6 Velcro Backed, Foam Final Gloss Pad

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