Sonus SFX-2 4" White Spot Pad

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The right solution for polishing tight areas.

The Sonus SFX-2 4" Spot Pad is perfect for polishing tight areas where more control over the pad is required. Used after buffing out a paint flaw with the SFX-1 4" Spot Pad to restore full gloss and blend the repair area.

Use with Sonus Enhance (SFX-2) or other "swirl remover" machine polishes to achieve a high-gloss finish. When used in conjunction with the proper backing plate, the Sonus SFX-2 4" Spot Pad can be used with a dual-action polisher, rotary buffer or cordless drill.

The Sonus SFX-2 4" Spot Pad is an excellent solution for maintaining clear plastic headlight lenses, too. Use with a light plastic polish and a cordless drill motor to keep plastic lenses crystal clear.

NOTE: With heavy polishes, this pad may be aggressive when used at speeds in excess of 1,000 RPM (rotary) or 3500 OPM (dual-action). To prevent paint burns, work at slower machine speeds. Keep machine moving and check your work often.

CYCLO POLISHER USERS: This pad also fits the Cyclo Polisher and is an excellent choice for light polishing and restoring gloss.

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