Sonus Der Wunder Wasche Microfiber Cleaner

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Keep Your Microfiber Like New With Sonus Der Wunder Wasche!

Sonus Der Wunder Wasche is an active cleaner designed to restore microfiber towels, wash mitts, applicators and foam buffing pads to their as-new condition. Der Wunder Wasche is an engineered blend of micro cleaning agents designed to lift, emulsify and suspend waxes, polish residue, oils, proteins, silicones and soil for complete removal in the rinse water.

The Der Wunder Wasche formula cleans without bleach and softens through natural fiber lifting. With regular use, Der Wunder Washe extends the life of all microfiber textiles and foam pads.

Use Der Wunder Wasche in place of your regular wash detergent. Der Wunder Wasche is highly concentrated. Use 1 ounce for small loads and 2 ounces for heavy loads. Do not use with bleach or fabric softeners. For best results, wash in warm water and rinse in cold.

Foam Pad Cleaning: We recommend washing them by hand in cool to lukewarm water with the Sonus Der Wunder Wasche. If they are super dirty you can soak them for 10 minutes then rinse until water runs clear. Squeeze out the excess water and allow to air dry on a plastic drying rack with the Velcro side up so water is not draining and sitting in the Velcro backing. Don t worry if they don t look new when you are finished, some staining and wear is normal.

16 oz. Bottle.

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