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Sonus Aluminum Restore quickly attacks and removes oxidation and deeply embedded road grime from uncoated aluminum finishes and roughcast surfaces. This innovative product was specially formulated to work quickly, effectively and efficiently on all uncoated aluminum finishes, fuel tanks and unpainted aluminum trailers and boats.

Simply spray on then hose off. It s that easy! A second application may be necessary for severely oxidized surfaces. This product is not recommended for anodized or highly polished surfaces as well-maintained finishes may be dulled.

IMPORTANT: Use in a well-ventilated area and avoid breathing fumes. Use protective eye wear and gloves. Be sure that wheels are cool to the touch.

INSTRUCTIONS: Clean one wheel at a time and rinse thoroughly, not allowing cleaner to dry on wheel. Always start by spraying cleaner from bottom to top to eliminate streaking from cleaner running down on the wheel. If streaking occurs, simply spray additional product and rinse. Allow Sonus Aluminum Restore to penetrate for 10 seconds. Be sure to rinse with plenty of water especially in lug nut holes and wheels edge. For stubborn brake dust and road grime deposits, agitate surface with soft wheel brush then rinse.

After restoring and cleaning your uncoated aluminum, follow with
Sonus Aluminum Polish to rejuvenate surface to a brilliant shine.

Finish with
Sonus Aluminum Sealant , boosted by Polycharger TM to maintain and protect your shine. This specially formulated, easy to use sealant delivers months of protection from road salts, detergents and oxidization.


  • Easily removes oxidation, deeply embedded road grime and brake dust.
  • Safely cleans many surfaces
  • Fast and easy to use; simply spray on then hose off


  • Uncoated Aluminum
  • Aluminum wheels and parts
  • Fuel tanks
  • Unpainted trailers
  • Unpainted boats
  • Roughcast Surfaces
  • Intake manifolds
  • Turbo style wheels
  • Magnesium wheels

16.9 oz spray, 1.2 lbs

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