Jescar Top Finish Machine Glaze 32oz

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Top Finish Machine Glaze

Our new Top Finish Machine Glaze combines a light high-grade polish with a gloss boosting glaze that is perfect for fast and economical paint repair. Used after Power Gloss compound, Top Finish is the perfect compliment for an economical buffing system.

It has always been our philosophy that paint defects can be eliminated to the extent where there are no visible swirls, haze or holograms. Our polishes are unique in that we do not add fillers that will temporarily hide these imperfections ensuring a truly corrected paint surface. There are circumstances when just a little extra help is needed to achieve our goal of ultimate surface quality.

Our paint area safe formula is silicone free and perfect for the professional body shop. Top Finish Machne Glaze will help to even out any minor haze that may remain after compounding. The gloss of the entire car can be boosted to blend in with the newly repaired panels. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and the care you put into the job shines through.

Detailers can restore the finish on a car with paint correcting polishes, however there are some defects that are too deep to be repaired. By using our Finishing Glaze, these problem scratches are much less noticeable and will look great after waxing.


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