_Lake Country 4" Hydro-Tech Cyan Pad

Lake Country
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Single Pad - The blue foam is designed for compounding and swirl removal. This closed cell pre-polymer foam restores oxidized and heavily swirled paint. Looks can be deceiving; the blue pad looks coarse but actually finishes with no marring. You'll achieve an almost wax-ready finish in one step. That's another way the Lake Country Hydro-Tech 4 Inch Foam Pads save you time. The blue cutting foam works well with Menzerna 2500 Power Finish use this polish/pad combo on neglected finishes and watch the paint come to life!

One 4'' Pad


Cyan Heavy Polishing
Non-Reticulated Prepolymer foam designed for compounding and swirl removal. Used to restore oxidized and heavily swirled paint.

Tangerine Light Polishing
Foam for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. Slightly less aggressive than our Orange foam.

Crimson Ultra Finishing
Soft foam designed for applying waxes, glazes and sealants.

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