Griot's Garage The BOSS™ Foam Cannon, BF300

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Griot's Garage The BOSS™ Foam Cannon

Griot's didn't slap a sticker on an existing cannon, they designed their own to provide superior performance, longevity, and innovation. The Griot's Garage BOSS™ Foam Cannon can blanket your car in rich, cleansing foam in seconds.

Using water from an electric or gas-powered pressure washer, the foam cannon's nozzle can adjust to produce a wide spray pattern of up to 40° for efficient coverage or a narrow 0° stream for spraying long-range foam onto car roofs, trucks, and RVs. Griot's exclusive Auto-Mix feature saves time because you don't have to remove the reservoir and mix the product by hand. It's a "no measuring, no mess, and no math" system. Screw in the bottle of concentrate and the metering tip provides the proper ratio.

Built to last, the Griot's foam cannon is constructed using stainless steel internals to resist chemical-induced corrosion that can cause problems with standard brass manifold designs. The foam cannon includes a stainless steel quick-disconnect coupler. Extra metering tips and reservoirs are available for your convenience.

  • The most innovative foam cannon on the market
  • Our exclusive Auto-Mix feature perfectly mixes your concentrate
  • Durable precision-machined stainless steel manifold
  • Patented, no-leak vented reservoir cap
  • Includes a Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Coupler


Griots Garage Item# BF300

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