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Griot's Garage Air Pulse Cleaning Gun

You'll be amazed as you watch dirt and stains melt away on interior and exterior surfaces. Outside, the Griot's Garage Air Pulse Cleaning Gun thoroughly cleans emblems, grills, wheels, engine components and other hard-to-reach surfaces. In the cabin, the gun can be used on vinyl, leather, carpet, upholstery, door panels, door sills, rubber floor mats, and plastic trim. By nebulizing the cleaning solution into a fine mist you won't oversaturate the surface you're cleaning. Since the super atomized solution is blasted out of the specially designed rotating nozzle you're generating an intense cleaning action. A 33.8 ounce reservoir is included but Griot's Garage 22 ounce and 35 ounce bottles can be attached directly to the gun.

A built-in air regulator and chemical flow valve gives you total control of the process so you can watch dirt and stains melt away. The liquid supply can be shut off so only pure pulsed air runs through the gun. In this configuration the Griot's Garage Air Pulse Cleaning Gun can be used to dry the surface you're working on.

This pro-grade pneumatic-powered tool uses high-pressure air pulses and your choice of cleaner to power away embedded dirt and grime.

  • Powered by your air compressor
  • High-pressure pulses generate intense cleaning action
  • Includes 33.8 oz. fluid reservoir
  • Griot's Garage 22 and 35 oz. bottles screw right on
  • Flow valve controls pressure and foam production
  • Detachable nylon bristle brush cone aids in agitation
  • Requires 8.97 cfm @ 90 psi flow rate
  • Features durable cast and machined aluminum chassis & valve body

Griot's Garage Item #90564

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