Griots Garage 3-in-1 Battery ChargerMaintainerTester 77495

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Ready for a nice drive, jump in the car and click, click, click... Oh how I hate that sound. The features this tool offers are amazing! You can charge a dead battery then test it. Then it switches modes and maintains and monitors the battery to maximum charge, extending its life. Plus, if you connect the leads incorrectly or you have a problem with your charging system it tells you. The list is almost endless. I figure if I can save just one battery I've paid for this useful tool. Works on 12 volt lead-acid, VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid), AGM (absorption glass mat) or gel batteries. It's easy to use and the compact 3 3/8" deep x 5 3/4" wide x 2 1/8" tall size stores or mounts anywhere. The list of features includes: Charges batteries, maintains a charge, tests, low voltage alarm, load tester, bad battery indicator, LED indicates charging mode, no sparks polarity protection, alternator and electrical systems check, gold-plated connectors and it tells you if your battery is just dead or simply bad. Includes test probe, alligator clip-on, ring terminal and cigarette lighter connectors. You can also order additional 6' Hard-Wire Cables and 20' Extension Cables. Enjoy the best!

3-In-1 Battery Charger/Maintainer/Tester Does It All!

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