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Perls Shampoo is a revolutionary soap-free car wash that cleans, conditions and adds a protective polymer wax layer in one step. The soap-free formula softens hard water and loosens dirt and contaminants on the paint finish for a scratch-free, spot-free and residue-free wash. Polymer wax protection is evident by water beading and a high gloss finish. Perls is pH-neutral, phosphate-free, and biodegradable.

Directions: Mix 1 capful (1 oz) of Perls Shampoo with every gallon of water. Do not wash in direct sunlight and do not wash if the vehicle surface is hot. Wash from top to bottom and rinse completely. You'll notice water beading as a result of Perls Shampoo's polymer wax protection. Dry surface with a lint free cloth or chamois. For best care of your vehicle, wash once a week.
Note: Since Perls does not contain high alkaline detergents, it is low-sudsing. This does not affect the washing experience. Instead, the wash water is made very slick ensuring a scratch-free wash.
16.9 fl oz (500 ml)

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