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The first step in caring for your lovely leather interior (and keeping it that way) is removing all traces of dirt, grease and grime that inevitably gravitate to the leather, no matter how meticulously it is kept. Who better to rely on for gentle deep-cleaning in a quality leather product but legendary English Connolly Leather. What makes their products superior to the dozens of high end products available? Well, they've been around longer than any of us, over 125 years! Connolly Leather consistently produces the world?s finest leathers for the most exquisite uses with a time-honored tradition of tanning. On their list of customers you'll find Ferrari, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, the Concorde, elite luxury liners, and the British House of Commons and House of Lords just to name a few. I would be willing to wager that the folks at Connolly Leather know what they're doing! Connolly Leather has determined the appropriate process of caring for leather? Two simple steps: Clean and Condition. Leather, though no longer living, still functions like our own skin. Preventing the negative effects of aging and over-exposure to the sun is as simple as establishing a regular leather care routine (experts suggest monthly). Concentrated Connolly Leather Cleaner is the choice of cultivated luxury vehicle owners for its time-tested performance and effectiveness on even the world's best leather. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice the vitality of your leather with a product that hasn't proven to be trustworthy and gentle to your leather interior. You can bet your bottom dollar that Connolly Leather wouldn't still be in business if their products weren't the best for your leather!

Product is concentrated can be diluted 12:1


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